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MHOA Bylaws

Massachusetts Health Officers Association (MHOA) was formed to meet a local need. The foundations of MHOA began in 1950, when a group of health officials from cities and towns north of Boston began meeting together several times a year on a voluntary basis for the purpose of contributing their experiences for a better understanding and servicing of local health department practice and administration. This group became known as the North Metropolitan Health Officers and Agents Association. State Health Department officials took an interest and attended their meetings. 

 Circa 1987

Because of the activities of this group and their interest in public health, many local health officials from communities south of Boston indicated a desire to become members of the group. On November 17, 1954, the name was changed to the Metropolitan Health Officers Association and included health officials from the Northeastern and Southeastern Health Districts of the State. 

Interest and membership expanded to include local health officials west of Boston. In 1962, the name was changed to the Massachusetts Health Officers Association and membership was open to health officials throughout the state. The date of incorporation for MHOA was February 4, 1972.  Over the years, the association has attracted many new members.

Currently, regular MHOA membership embodies any person employed as a director, agent, or inspector of a regional or local municipal agency for the purpose of carrying out the public health mandates of that agency; or any person certified by the Board of Certification of Health Officers. 

Associate members include those individuals that do not meet the requirements of regular membership but wish to support and advance the objectives of MHOA. We are also proud to have a number of members emeritus, retired members, and honorary members.

MHOA is the official state affiliate of National Association of County and City Health Officials.



Circa 1995

The mission of the Massachusetts Health Officers Association is to assist and support staff of local health departments in meeting their statutory responsibilities to the public through programs of education, technical assistance, representation, and resource development, and by providing educational and informational programs to the general public on public health topics.


The goals of the Massachusetts Health Officers Association are:

  • To be recognized as and regarded by members and other agencies as an effective professional group representing and advocating for local public and environmental health

  • To promote and foster high standards of professionalism among local health department staff
  • To work closely with national, state, local, and environmental health
    agencies to improve public health practice


The objectives of the Massachusetts Health Officers Association are:

  • To keep members abreast of new and current public and environmental health topics and issuesTo maintain a Resource Lending Library

  • To maintain an internet and email site on the world wide web
  • To monitor and advocate for legislation affecting health and environmental issues
  • To offer an annual scholarship to a member or member’s family embarking on or enhancing a career in public or environmental health
  • To present annual awards for outstanding leadership, extraordinary service, and distinguished contributions to local health practice
  • To promote student internship opportunities
  • To provide timely, pertinent and cost-effective educational programs
  • To serve on national and state committees that foster collaboration for the promotion of our ideals