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A Request for Information (RFI) for MTCP’s Board of Health program has been posted on Commbuys.  We are seeking your input as we continue to develop the next BOH grant RFR application.  A response to this RFI is not required in order to apply for the RFR when it is released.  All responses to the RFI are due 6/21/17.  Please forward this to any individuals you think would be interested or be able to provide valuable input to this process.

Thank you,

Jackie Doane

Manager of Community Programs

Division of Prevention and Wellness

Massachusetts Department of Public Health 

250 Washington Street, 4th Floor 

Boston, MA02108

T: 617.624.5473





Change to 314 CMR 18.00

DEP wants to make sure that all BOHs are aware of a requirement that was added to 314 CMR 18.00.

In September 2016,  314 CMR 18.00: Industrial Wastewater Holding Tank and Container Construction, Operation, and Record Keeping Requirement was revised. One of the changes made was the addition of Section 18.12: Transportation. In order to better track the movement and disposal locations of industrial wastewater throughout the state, the regulations require industrial wastewater transporters to obtain a permit from the local board of health where the wastewater is generated.  The new provision at 314 CMR 18.12 provides for permitting of these types of wastewaters in the same way that transporters of sanitary sewage are currently permitted by boards of health under Title 5 (310 CMR 15.502). 

The current copy of the revised regulation can be found here:



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