December 15, 2023

MHOA Weekly Newsletter


Many people have renewed their MHOA memberships for 2024 - thank you! We apologize the renewal link wasn't working earlier this week. Please try again, or reach out for assistance if you were previously unsuccessful. 

Login to your MHOA account, and click on "My Profile." On the left, you should see in red a "Renew My Membership" button. You can choose to pay by card or receive an invoice for your municipality to pay. For membership questions or assistance, contact membership coordinator Doug Halley at 

RS and CHO credentials are up for renewal as well. We know many members gather their continuing education credits from MHOA programs at this time. Please check your MHOA profile no later than Wednesday, Dec. 20 to allow MHOA staff enough time to ensure you have what you need on time. If you're missing credits, please email 

We reached out to the Office of Local and Regional Health about the best way to have credential renewal questions answered. They shared that email is the best way: They're also using the OLRH General Line: 617-753-8018. This is different from a previously shared number that is experiencing technical difficulties. OLRH also provided this renewal reminder.

We'll be back next week with our last newsletter of 2023, then will take a break until 2024! 

Happy Friday!