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Vaccine Allocations for the Monkeypox Outbreak Response

Dear Board, SACCHO, and Workgroup Leaders,

This evening, we expect the Administration to release its first phase of its national monkeypox vaccine strategy. This phase of the strategy aims to rapidly deploy vaccines in the most affected communities and mitigate the spread of the disease. With today’s national monkeypox vaccine strategy, the United States is significantly expanding deployment of JYNNEOS vaccines from the Strategic National Stockpile, allocating 296,000 doses over the coming weeks, 56,000 of which will be allocated immediately. Over the coming months a combined 1.6 million additional doses will become available.

JYNNEOS vaccine will be allocated using a four-tier distribution strategy that prioritizes jurisdictions with the highest case rates of monkeypox. Within each tier, doses of JYNNEOS will be allocated based on the number of individuals at risk for monkeypox who also have a contraindication to ACAM2000 (the small pox-approved vaccine, which has meaningful side effects), (i.e., those living with HIV and population that are PREP eligible).

At this point, there will not be prescriptive federal guidance about how to prioritize or use their allotments, but we have expressed interest in unform guidance and messaging to help prevent miscommunications to the community.

Attached are media materials that are were embargoed until 7pm today, but we wanted to make sure to share as soon as we could so that you have a heads up of what is to come.

We will share more as we get it. Please keep us posted on efforts in your community so we can continue to ensure that the LHD voice is included in these conversations.



Adriane Casalotti, MPH, MSW (she/her)

Chief of Government and Public Affairs
National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)


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