MHOA Lending library


  • Loans can be made only to MHOA Members
  • Membership will be confirmed before books are loaned out
  • Books will be loaned out via US Mail and/or coordinated pick-up
  • Loans will include a self-addressed, stamped package/envelope for returning the book to MHOA.
  • Date of loan is effective the date the book is postmarked and/or hand-delivered.
  • Books can be checked out for 3 months
  • If the book has not been requested by another member, “renewals” can be made for a second 3 month period.
  • If the book is damaged so as to render the book ineffective (missing pages, illegible text, etc) or lost entirely, the member must pay the replacement cost. 
    • If the book is not replaced, membership renewal will be withheld until replacement is made.
    • After two reminders to return the book, the MHOA Executive Administrator will send a bill for the book’s replacement to the borrower.
  • When a book is loaned out, it will be sent out with a copy of these rules, the replacement cost of the book(as prior notice) and a self-addressed stamped envelope for returns.
  • The MHOA Executive Administrator will respond to loan requests and keep track of which books are out on loan.  These will be tracked in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Updated 10/4/15

Lending Library

Designing Healthy Communities, Richard J. Jackson Description


Environmental Health, 3rd Edition, Monroe T. Morgan Description


Environmental Engineering (3 Volume Set) 6th Edition  (Environmental Health &

         Safety; Water & Wastewater; Prevention & Response) Description


Environmental Health, 4th Edition, Moeller Description


Environmental Law & Enforcement Description


Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS) Manual (3rd Edition) Description


REHS/RS Study Guide (Fourth Edition) Description


Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (20th Edition) Description