MHOA Membership Options


  • MHOA Memberships expire at the end of the current calendar year.
  • A User Account is required (and will be created at checkout if you don’t have one already).
  • Only one Membership may be purchased at a time (no groups).

Ways to Join and Payment Options:

  • Complete your application entirely online securely with a credit/debit card or PayPal.  This is the preferred method.  You can use your own card and submit the cost for reimbursement if allowed by your employer.  You will receive confirmation and an invoice immediately.
  • Process your application online and choose ‘Check’ as the form of payment.  Your application will be processed and you will receive  an invoice to submit to your employer.  Checks should be mailed to Massachusetts Health Officers Association, C/O Berkshire Bank, PO Box 911, Worcester, MA 01613-0911.
  • We are no longer accepting paper applications.

Each year, MHOA sponsors many seminars, workshops, and the annual educational conference.

Members of the association enjoy substantial discounts to attend these training opportunities.

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Regular Membership

Any Certified Health Officer (CHO) certified by the Board of Certification of Health Officers, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or any person employed by a regional or local municipal agency as a Commissioner, Director, Assistant Director, Administrator, Health Agent, Inspector, Public Health Nurse, or Sanitarian whose primary purpose is carrying out the public health mandate of that agency. A person shall not be qualified who, by virtue of an appointment as an agent of a Board of Health, may carry out tasks which are incidental to, or support functions of, the persons listed above. Such persons not qualified may include, but not be limited to, secretary, clerk, animal control officer, tobacco control director, and contracted personnel or agencies. Determination of Regular Membership shall be made, and all membership shall be established, by a majority vote of the Executive Committee except where otherwise provided.

Associate Membership

Any person who wishes to be a member of the Association for the purpose of supporting and advancing the objectives of its regular membership but do not meet the requirements of regular membership may become an Associate Member. Associate Members shall have all the privileges and responsibilities of Regular Members except that an Associate Member may not vote, nor hold office in the Association, and may not be a member of the Board.

Student Membership

Individuals currently enrolled in a full-time degree program in Public Health, Allied Health Professions, Environmental Health, Environmental Science, or Environmental Studies.

Retired Membership

Any member of the Association with three or more years standing as a Regular Member who has retired from a municipal public health position.

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