MHOA Lending Library


  • Loans can be made only to MHOA Members
  • Membership will be confirmed before books are loaned out
  • Books will be loaned out via US Mail and/or coordinated pick-up
  • Loans will include a self-addressed, stamped package/envelope for returning the book to MHOA.
  • Date of loan is effective the date the book is postmarked and/or hand-delivered.
  • Books can be checked out for 3 months
  • If the book has not been requested by another member, “renewals” can be made for a second 3 month period.
  • If the book is damaged so as to render the book ineffective (missing pages, illegible text, etc) or lost entirely, the member must pay the replacement cost.
    • If the book is not replaced, membership renewal will be withheld until replacement is made.
    • After two reminders to return the book, the MHOA Executive Administrator will send a bill for the book’s replacement to the borrower.
  • When a book is loaned out, it will be sent out with a copy of these rules, the replacement cost of the book (as prior notice) and a self-addressed stamped envelope for returns.
  • The MHOA Executive Administrator will respond to loan requests and keep track of which books are out on loan.  These will be tracked in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Contact us about utilizing the Library

Designing Healthy Communities, Richard J. Jackson

Environmental Engineering (3 Volume Set) 6th Edition (Environmental Health & Safety; Water & Wastewater; Prevention & Response)

Environmental Health, 3rd Edition, Monroe T. Morgan

Environmental Health, 4th Edition, Moeller